Victoria Falls...

    Located on the second floor mezzanine level of Jambo House, Victoria Falls is right in the heart of the resort.  With an open air concept, one floor below the main lobby, and overlooking Boma, this space is super inviting.  Its hard to not be lured into a drink here. 

      Victoria Falls is decked out in warm colors that you might find on the savanna.  Most notable are the painted stacked columns anchoring the space...and acting as a way to differentiate the lounge from other areas.  


  Everything in Victoria Falls is customized. Between the carved giraffe lamps, the iron railing, and cozy seating this is among the swankiest lounges at Walt Disney World.  Adding to the ambience is the waterfall cascading in levels from the main floor, behind the bar, and ending near the Boma entrance. The atmosphere here is upscale, but the clientele is decidedly less so. After all, the patrons are on vacation, and tend to be more casual.

   Opening at 4:00, this is the perfect spot to grab a drink prior to your dinner at either Jiko or Boma.  This is also a favorite stop after a long day of touring theme parks.  


      The majority of Victoria Falls drinks are composed of the Disney World standard bar menu.  This menu is pretty extensive and covers all its bases.  In addition to these standard drinks there are also a few lounge specific drinks including the Victoria Falls Mist (tangerine, melon, banana liqueurs, sweet and sour, and sprite) and the Nyami Nyami (frozen Amarula cream and banana liqueur). 

   A few years ago Victoria Falls also started serving a very small food menu. These dishes are appetizer sized, but perfect if you just want something to nibble on at the bar.  The menu has seen changes, but recently included a delicious cheese plate, a breads and dip plate, and a tapas plate.

   There is no better place at Animal Kingdom Lodge to unwind and enjoy the atmosphere of this amazing resort.