Uzima Springs Pool Bar

  Your day spent by the Uzima Springs pool at Jambo House would not be complete without stopping by the Uzima Springs Pool Bar.  With all of the activity surrounding the extensively themed pool area, this bar serves as the "hub." 

   With a thatched roof, customized light fixtures, and beautiful wooden details (no, the rafters don't serve a real purpose) this structure fits right into the surroundings.  As far as pool bars go, there is none lovelier. 


  Uzima Springs follows the "standard pool bar menu" of Walt Disney World. Meaning, the drinks you will find here, you will basically find at every pool bar across Disney property.  Though this is a full service bar, the focus tends to be on the printed menu. The emphasis of the menu is sweet, refreshing cocktails, plenty of them of the frozen variety. These are the kind of drinks you want to be drinking by the pool.  The cocktail menu changes about once a year, but favorite items like specialty margaritas tend to stick around.  Our favorite cocktail available recently is the black cherry lemonade...perfect as a hot weather drink. 

   There is plenty of beer and wine to be had.  Not only your standard macro brewery lagers, but a few decent craft beers as well. 



      If your goal is dine poolside, this is your place to order.  Be warned though, the food is prepared at The Mara and brought over to you.  Sure, the convenience is great...but The Mara is just a few yards away, and you will save a little money by ordering there. 

   The staff at Uzima Springs are notoriously upbeat and friendly. If you find yourself in need of a drink, hunker down at one of the few stools available and soak up the atmosphere.