Uzima Springs Pool

   No stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge would be complete without a day spent relaxing around the Uzima Springs Pool area. 

   The pool area is located adjacent to the Jambo House lobby, between the Giraffe Trail and Zebra Trail of guest rooms.  Here you will find an enormous zero entry pool, two large stone hot tubs, a toddler splash pool, and an awesome water slide.  In addition to the water features you will also find three areas overlooking the Uzima Savanna...including an area just feet away from the resorts flamingo population.  You will also find the Uzima Springs Pool Bar centrally located for your drinking pleasure. 


 None of these amenities would amount to much without extensive theming. Using an oasis located in the middle of the savanna as a jumping off point, Uzima Springs is home of the most lush landscaping imaginable. Bamboo "forests" provide plenty of shade from the oppressive Florida sun, while palms, elephant ear plans, and banana "trees" offer plenty of visual interest.  The look of the area is grounded with intricate faux aged rock work and masonry. The area has the appearance of being simultaneously abandoned and lived in.

Rest assured that all of your of your pool time needs will be met here.  Towels and life jackets are provided, and there are plenty of tables with umbrellas provided if you prefer to stay out of the sun.  The lounge chairs here are super comfortable and a personal favorite place to take a nap.  



      Activities for all ages (though focused on small children...) start near the shallow end of the pool every day at 1PM. These activities are run and supervised by the most upbeat Cast Members around and included dancing, trivia, bingo, and other silly games.  This afternoon pool party is a great opportunity to distract your children as you relax nearby. 

   Each night a different Disney movie is shown outside, just a few yards away from the pool. This is a great way to wind down for the evening, and is a popular way to wrap up your day.  The schedule of movies is located on your activities guide. 

   Nighttime also brings one of the most popular activities at Animal Kingdom Lodge...nighttime animal viewing.  This activity is located in one of the Uzima Savanna viewing areas, just beyond the pool (there are signs leading the way.) Here a cultural representative will provide you with night vision goggles, and all the information you might need. This activity is surprisingly free of charge. 

   Due to safety regulations the pool is only open while there is a lifeguard on duty. This is usually 9AM to 11PM...but hours do vary. 

   Smoking is not permitted outside of the designated smoking area...ironically located near the fitness center.