Animal Kingdom Lodge has some of the most exquisite, dense, and all encompassing theming in an resort in the world.  As the resort was being designed theme and atmosphere were at the forefront of importance. Every nuance was planned from the grandiose entrance to the subtle rockwork incorporated throughout.  Even the background music loops were meticulously planned to suit and highlight the ambiance of the resort. 

   It should come as no shock then to realize that Disney wants to show off these details. There are several tours (both free and upcharged) given around the resort. 

   The Culinary Tour of Jiko and Boma is extensive and fun, without having a huge time commitment (and there's free food!!).  While the African Inspired Disney Designed tours are a little longer, they are a "must do" for any fan of African artwork. 

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   You can also indulge in the Wanyama Safari. Limited to just 12 guests, this excursion onto the savanna includes dinner at Jiko. If you are interested in this tour, make sure to snag reservations early. There is also a one hour night time safari available every night for $70. 

   If you, like us, are awestruck by the magic of Animal Kingdom Lodge we highly recommend digging deeper into the design and history of the resort. These tours are a wonderful way to do that.