The Mara...

  The Mara is the only proper counter service restaurant at Animal Kingdom Lodge.  You can find it on the ground floor (actually two floors below the lobby level...) of Jambo House, near the pool. 

   As far as counter service restaurants go, The Mara is pretty extensive and can be compared pretty accurately to any other delux Disney resort counter service restaurant. 

   The Mara is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Traditionally the hours are 6:00 - 11:30, but tends to vary from time to time.  This restaurant is all about convenience. 


  There is a single queue where a Cast Member takes your order, from here you will be issued a paper ticket and a pager. Select anything to supplement your meal (drinks, snacks, etc...) and take your ticket to the cashier.  When your food is ready your pager will go off at which point you can pick up your food. Voila!

The food here is lightly African themed and includes a breakfast bobotie platter, african stew, falafel, and chicken pita.  There is also more traditional fare for those less adventurous including hot dogs, salads, and a phenomenal veggie flatbread. Rest assured that even these items have an little african twist.



   The Mara also has a wide variety of "grab and go" items as well.  Pre sliced fruit, salads, kids finger foods, and dessert including Animal Kingdom Lodge's infamous zebra domes. Whether you're looking for dinner as a family, or just grabbing a quick snack, you can find it here. 

   You can also find a selection of beer and wine in the grab and go section. Given the proximity to the pool, we often pop in to The Mara for a beer...saving a few dollars over the pool bar. 

    This is also your location to pick up your resort refillable mug should you choose to. The mugs run around $16.99 and are refillable at Animal Kingdom Lodge and all other Disney resort hotels during the length of your stay. They are NOT active in the theme parks.  Refillable beverages include sodas, coffee, tea, iced tea, and hot chocolate.  We recommend purchasing the mug on a stay of three nights or longer...at the very least your have a fun souvenir.