Sunset Overlook...

   Located off of the grand Jambo House lobby, the Sunset Overlook is the most beautifully themed, richly detailed space in the entire resort. Using the exploration of American husband and wife due Osa and Martin Johnson as a jumping off point, this room is brimming with history.  As you walk into the room notice the stunning black and white photos from the Johnson's travels, my favorites are those of Osa who just exudes charm.  The opposing wall features whimsical thornwood carvings from the Igbo people of Nigeria. The large colonial officer is the focal point, which carries the exploration theme even further. 

   The central console is by far the most interesting.  The artifacts located within are those representing items that would have been found in an explorers possession in the early 20th century. Among the items is a copy of Osa's masterwork, I Married Adventure, with its iconic zebra print cover. 

   The room is a few low tables and chairs, and a very comfy banquet.  There are often activities taking place in this space, but when there is not one planned it is often deserted, despite its proximity to the main lobby.  If you find time in your morning this is a great place to have your coffee and plan your day. 


   Being a savanna overlook, there is also a balcony accessible from this room. Unfortunately, the view of the Sunset Savanna isn't the best from here...the space is best enjoyed inside taking in the detail.