Samawati Springs Pool Area...

   The Samawati Springs Pool is the main pool on the Kidani Village side of the resort. Though it is smaller than the Uzima Springs Pool over at Jambo House, this area is absolutely full of charms. 

   The main feature here is a large zero entry pool, featuring both a small slide for toddlers, and an awesome twisty turny "big kid" slide. (yes, adults too.)  There are also two hot tub jacuzzis in this area. One on the lower level is near the pool, and hence all the action, while another is a little off the beaten path.  We recommend the more secluded one if you want to relax.

   Perhaps the best part of this area is the Uwanja Camp water playground.  With slides, stationary water guns, and sprinklers...all themed to the area...this is many kids favorite way to spend the afternoon. 


   When Kidani Village was originally built the pool area was underplanted, and felt desolate compared to its sister at Jambo House. However, the years have proved super beneficial to this area, which feels lush and purposefully over grown. Samawati has truly come into its own. 

   The pool is open only when a lifeguard is on duty, traditionally between 9AM and 11PM.  Towels and lifejackets are provided. Smoking is prohibited except in a designated area behind the Maji pool bar.  


   The Samawati Springs area is also home of the Survival Of The Fittest fitness center. This small gym is convenient for anyone who makes their health a priority. However, for those of us who just want to relax on vacation, the Maji pool bar is a great place to imbibe.  Just around the corner from Maji is a terrific viewing area of the Pembe savannaThere is usually a cultural representative located here too, should you have any questions about the animals. 

   There are many poolside activities here as well, including the daily pool party starting around 1:00.  This "party" is fun for the whole family and includes bingo, dancing, relay races and Disney trivia. Movie Under The Stars is also located here, showing different Disney films every night, the selection of which is on your activities sheet.