Pumbaa's Fun And Games Arcade...

   Located in the Uzima Springs pool area, just steps away from The Mara, Pumbaa's Fun And Games Arcade is a great diversion for older kids...and many adults as well.  

   This large arcade is brimming with many classic and modern video games, which are changed periodically to keep up with video game trends.  Most recently a pair of high tech, full body massage chairs were added.  Sure, they're not arcade games, and they're probably full of germs...but heck, I love them.


The theming here is little more than a border along the ceiling and print carpeting, and besides the laundry room is the least themed area of the resort. As arcades slowly go out of style, and are disappearing from Walt Disney World, Pumbaa's is one of the better arcades still remaining. Hours are traditionally from 7AM-11PM.