Johari Treasures...

   This small store is located inside the Kidani Village lobby.  Though it is the only store on this side of the resort, and significantly smaller than Zawadi Marketplaceit packs a lot of punch for such a cozy location. In fact Johari Treasures offers most everything you might need for a lengthy stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

   "Johari" means jewel or gem in Swahili...which makes the name of this store a little silly.  Jewel Treasures, really?  Regardless.  The store is divided roughly in half.  One side is basic necessities like food, toiletries, first aid, sunblock and medicine. (and beer...duh.) 


The other half is full of Disney merchandise, think mugs/snowglobes.  There is a limited amount of resort specific merchandise, a few pins and mugs. They also sell wonderful potted plants, drums, and other faux African knick knacks.   

Johari Treasures is also the home of Kidani Village's main refillable mug station!  (there is another one at the Maji pool bar, with limited hours...) You can also order soft drinks, coffee, and tea ala carte.  It is important to remember that Kidani Village does NOT have a counter service restaurant, and unless you're getting up early to walk to The Mara, this will be your main option for breakfast.  In addition to the prepackaged pastries and such, they also carry fresh fruit, breakfast sandwiches, and oatmeal.