Cape Town Lounge...

   The Cape Town Lounge is located just inside of Jiko, to the right of the entrance. Though there are no walls to separate the two, both spaces have very different feels.  While Jiko is bursting with warm colors tons of natural light, the Cape Town Lounge touts a much deeper color palate and very cozy atmosphere.  

   The bar itself has only five chairs, but there are a few tables available as well.  Though the bartender will be busy preparing drinks for the main dining room, you will never be an oversight here. This lounge offers some of the best service at Animal Kingdom Lodge. 

   The star of this menu is the absolutely exhaustive wine list.  Jiko prides itself on curating the largest selection of African wines outside of Africa. Should the wine list prove overwhelming, the bartender here will always be very knowledgable, and make suggestions based on your likes and dislikes. 


   If you aren't a wine drinker there is also a decent selection of beer here including a few craft options, and a couple mediocre African lagers. There are usually a couple of unique cocktails on the menu as well.  Recently we spotted the Harmattan Cooler (Van-der-Hum Tangerine Liqueur, Cherry Brandy, and Nobo Whole Fruit Tisane) which sounds divine. 

   If you don't feel like committing to the lengthy process of eating at Jiko, the lounge offers the restaurants full menu of food.  Based on our experiences, we actually prefer to eat at the lounge over Jiko. You will be doted on by the awesome bartender, and your experience won't be nearly as stuffy. However, if you're just looking to enjoy a drink, we prefer the Victoria Falls Lounge, located just one flight of stairs above this lounge. 

   Cape Town Lounge is traditionally open from 5PM - 10PM.